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Design Tips

First and foremost you should think of your banner as a billboard not a brochure. Whether you are displaying it at a trade show or other promotional event or using it in your showroom it should quickly draw the attention of your prospects. It should not tell your whole story.

Step #1 Consider location - Where you will be displaying the banner makes a difference with how you will design it. For example, in a convention center it will be more important to keep text to a minimum and images as big and bold as possible to quickly grab attention. If you’re designing for your showroom you can get away with slightly more information but remember... billboard not brochure.

Step #2 Keep it short - Although it’s tempting to tell your whole story on the banner, research shows it’s far more effective with just enough information to capture attention and then let your brochure or personal interaction take it from there.

Step #3 Use Images - You have mere seconds to grab someones attention and research shows images are better than words at doing this. Choose big, high quality images that reflect what you want people to feel when they look at your brand. Remember images must be as close to 100 dpi as possible at full size. more info

Step #4 Use Colors - Bright colors like red and yellow work best at grabbing attention but may not be suitable for every company’s particular brand message. More subdued colors are fine but make sure the contrast between colors is enough to promote clear readability.

Step #5 Most importantly - When looking at your pull up banner the most important information should be in the top half of your display. Whether this is your logo to increase brand awareness, or a key message it should be conveyed in literally 3-5 seconds.

Remember it's a billboard not a brochure!

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