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Artwork Specs Detail

Our preferred file is a print optimized PDF. That is a PDF file with fonts embedded or converted and images at 100dpi when scaled to full size.

Or read on for additional acceptable file types and information.

The guidelines below are required for optimal results at close viewing distance. We do however recognize that not everyone has access to hi-resolution artwork and in many cases a smaller file may produce perfectly acceptable results when viewed from a few feet away. Send us the best you have and we will reply with a quick evaluation. Very small images cut and pasted from the internet are not suitable for large format printing.

Resolution All artwork should be 100-150 DPI when enlarged to full size. If you are working in scale at 50% it should be X2 or 200 DPI, if 25% then X4 400 DPI etc. Vector art such as EPS files can be expanded indefinitely and resolution is not an issue.
Acceptable File Formats

When creating a PDF from another application:
Convert all fonts to outlines (paths, curves)
Images in file should be saved at highest quality
Adobe Illustrator
Files should be flattened without layers
Files should be saved as EPS in CMYK.
All fonts MUST be converted to outlines (curves, paths)
All images if any should be embedded not linked.
Adobe Photoshop
Files should be flattened without layers
Files should be saved as TIFF with ICC profiles checked
Resolution should be minimum 100DPI at full size
Adobe InDesign
Must send all fonts and linked files
Corel Draw
We can accept native Corel files or save as PDF file, see above
TIFF or JPG We also accept TIFF and JPG as long as the resolution is sufficient.

We cannot print from typical word processing programs like Word, Powerpoint etc however if necessary you may send them to us as a sample of what you would like and then take advantage of our design assist program.